GK-97 is a video editor and full stack software developer. One day they just kind of showed up and claimed to be the co-founder of LBBC and they haven't left yet so we're just going to roll with it.
Sylenth is one of the brains behind LBBC, the most influential group in the world since the NAACP. As a map designer and modder, he knows that every decision he makes can impact a life, and impact lives he does.
Leadready was born on the other side of the leash. As a result of this traumatic experience, he joined LBBC as our art director to cope with the unbearable pain.
NovaRecoil (originally from Moldova) had a rough childhood. After an incident concerning dirt, he chose to move to United States to pursue a career in game design at LBBC.
formidable is a map designer and modder at LBBC, but how he came to be is unknown. All we know about him for sure is that he's from France.. possibly?